Exercise Physiology Services

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  • What is an exercise physiologist?
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      • Exercise at home
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What is an exercise physiologist?

Exercise physiologists are university-qualified allied health professionals who specialise in the delivery of exercise for the prevention and management of injuries and chronic diseases. Our focus of study is specifically on how both the healthy body and injured or unhealthy body responds to exercise and movement. We are scientists at heart, which means we use evidence-based research in delivery of services. All Agility Rehabilitation exercise physiologists are accredited with Exercise & Sport Science Australia (ESSA), our primary industry body. For more information on exercise physiologists and ESSA, visit www.exerciseright.com.au or www.essa.org.au.

Clinic-based services

We offer our highly regarded exercise physiology services from two clinic locations (additional to our mobile service).

  • East Victoria Park clinic (Leisurelife Centre)
  • *NEW* Kelmscott clinic (located within Kelmscott Chiropractic)

In-clinic services include, but are not limited to:

  • Initial consultations and progress assessments
  • Exercise advice and consultancy for injury, disease or disability
  • Functional capacity evaluations
  • Exercise consultations and monitoring
  • Biometric testing and evaluation
  • Cardiovascular fitness assessment
  • Dynamometer strength testing

Our clinics are well-equipped for development of early-stage rehabilitation and home exercise programs, and we have convenient access to nearby gym facilities for comprehensive exercise and end-stage rehabilitation programming.

Mobile services

We provide mobile exercise services throughout the Perth metro area. That means that we come to you. Whether it be gym-based programs, hydrotherapy or home-based exercise, our Exercise Physiologists are able to meet you onsite at a facility close to you. This allows you the convenience of time and travel, and the ability to exercise independently between consults.

We aim to reduce the travel burden on our clients by coming to a suitable facility such as a gym, pool, your home, or public open space to provide consultant-supported exercise sessions.
Access to such facilities is most-often funded by the below schemes - and we liaise directly with relevant parties to make this process as stress free as possible.
Mobile services across the Perth metro area are offered for:


Gym-based exercise

Gym-based exercise is an effective way to improve muscle strength, endurance, aerobic fitness and movement control. The benefits of gym-based exercise include:

  • Access to a variety of equipment
  • Ability to progressively increase the intensity of exercise (weight level, resistance)
  • “Destination” for exercising away from home without distraction
  Learn more about the benefits of gym-based exercise in our blog here.



Hydrotherapy essentially means water-based exercise and is typically undertaken in a heated pool. The benefits of exercising in the water include:

  • Reduced load on the body include pressure on the back and joints
  • Warm water can assist as a muscle relaxant, ‘prime’ muscles for use and assist in pain management
  • Adjustable resistance to exercise – the quicker you try to move, the harder you work.

Hydrotherapy is most commonly used as a light to moderate intensity therapy for lower back and leg injuries, but can also be helpful for upper body injuries, cardiopulmonary conditions, neurological conditions and anyone who had difficulty with higher-impact activity.

Learn more about the benefits of hydrotherapy in our blog here.

Exercise at home

Whilst most programs utilise gym or pool-based exercise, daily home-based exercise is integral to any rehabilitation program. We include exercises to complete at home with most of our gym programs, however for those unable to attend a gym, we offer consults at your home using floor space and home exercise equipment.

Assessments and reports

A comprehensive clinical and functional assessment is conducted prior to undertaking any exercise program. Assessments include discussion of history and previous treatment for injury or condition, and physical testing relevant to the condition and desired outcomes. For third-party insurance assessments, such as in workers compensation claims, identification of work duties and physical demands, and associated functional testing customised to this is also incorporated. Standardised and norm-based assessment protocols are used where possible. Psychosocial risk factor screening is incorporated where appropriate.
All referrers will receive an initial and final report detailing assessment results, treatment plan and patient progress. Progress reports are issued every 4-6 weeks or as required.



We offer Australia-wide telehealth services for all of our patients, if and when required.
Consultations via video-link or telephone can provide meaningful engagement with our skilled consultants - ensuring your treatment remains on track and that you feel supported.
We can consult via telehealth for:

If you think our telehealth services may be of benefit to you, or someone you know, please get in touch via (08) 6162 8145, email admin@agilityrehab.com.au, or book online now