About us

Agility Rehabilitation is one of Perth’s leading physical reconditioning services. Our team of Clinical Exercise Physiologists provide specialised exercise physiology and rehabilitation services designed to assist with recovery from injury or chronic disease. Founded in 2012, we have already helped nearly 1000 patients recover from the physical ailments associated with injury or chronic disease.
We specialise in workers compensation, motor vehicle accident (MVA) and income protection exercise therapy and our services are individually targeted to address physical recovery as well as assist with a return to productive work and daily activities.

What is an exercise physiologist?

Exercise physiologists are university-qualified allied health professionals who specialise in the delivery of exercise for the prevention and management of injuries and chronic diseases. Our focus of study is specifically on how both the healthy body and injured or unhealthy body responds to exercise and movement. We are scientists at heart, which means we use evidence-based research in delivery of services. All Agility Rehabilitation exercise physiologists are accredited with Exercise & Sport Science Australia (ESSA), our primary industry body. For more information on exercise physiologists and ESSA, visit www.exerciseright.com.au or www.essa.org.au

Our team

Jonathan (Jonny) Christie image

Jonathan (Jonny) Christie

Director and Senior Exercise Physiologist
Jonny founded Agility Rehabilitation in 2012 to follow his passion in delivering high-quality exercise physiology and rehabilitation programs. He has worked as an exercise physiologist for over 15 years with industry experience in work injury rehabilitation, income protection, injury prevention, corporate health and chronic disease management. He has a particular passion for managing pain problems, and has started a Master of Science in Medicine (Pain Management). Jonny is down to earth, honest and pragmatic. With a young family himself, he recognises the hurdles many face in keeping active and promotes a 'less rules, more options' approach to movement and activity.
Belinda Fisher image

Belinda Fisher

Senior Exercise Physiologist
Belinda has over 10 years’ clinical experience in exercise physiology, with a keen interest in workplace injury rehabilitation. She has a kind and caring approach, making her an ideal fit for patients requiring a little more support during their rehabilitation journey.
Scott Mellish image

Scott Mellish

Senior Exercise Physiologist
Scott brings 7 years industry experience with keen interest in heavy industry workers-compensation and persistent pain rehabilitation. His easy-going personality lends well to engaging with a wide array of clientele to achieve long-term, robust outcomes. He is a borderline-obsessive gravity mountain biker often finding thrills (and spills) while exploring the great-outdoors for new and novel experiences on two-wheels.
Gavin Muir image

Gavin Muir

Exercise Physiologist
Originally from South Africa Gavin has been a rehab practitioner for the past 14 years. Having worked in both the clinical and sporting environments, he is adaptable and approachable. He takes great pride in providing the best care for his patients and helping them on their journey. His particular interest is in orthopaedic rehabilitation.
Naomi Walsh image

Naomi Walsh

Administration Officer
Amy Hyder image

Amy Hyder

Administration Officer