When to refer:

Referral for exercise physiology services should be considered:

  • 1-2 weeks’ post-injury (sub-acute phase) if prognosis for recovery is likely to be more than 2-4 weeks
  • for injuries (short or long-term) with any degree of functional impairment
  • Post orthopaedic procedures (most protocols should start exercise between 1 and 12 weeks’ post-op)
  • for injuries resulting in workplace or home restrictions where pain or disability is impacting recovery
  • for rehabilitation for sport and recreational activity
  • for chronic disease management where current activity level is insufficient or inappropriate
  • to prevent injury or chronic disease in high-risk individuals
AND if:
  • No current active exercise regime is in place, OR
  • Current treatment is ineffective

 How to refer:

Complete the webform below, or download a referral form (above or to the right).
Alternatively, contact us on (08) 6162 8145 and request a referral pad, or just mail, email of fax the details. Please make sure you include patient diagnosis and any specific requests regarding their treatment.
Once a referral is received, we will contact the individual within 1-2 days and arrange an appointment. For insurance-covered programs, we will liaise with insurers regarding approvals.
Unsure of exercise? Ask for an assessment and we can provide our results and recommendations.


Rebates are available, in part or whole, for valid compensation claims, Medicare plans, DVA card holders or private health insurance. Contact us or your insurer to confirm if you are eligible for any rebates.
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