Health & Medical Practitioners

There is overwhelming evidence for active therapy and exercise in the management of most subacute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries, and many chronic illnesses and disease. Patients want results, as do we as health professionals, and evidence-based and timely treatment is essential to reduce chronicity. The International Classification of Function, Disability and Health (ICF), developed by the World Health Organisation (WHO), promotes health assessments and interventions to focus on levels of function rather than disease or condition diagnosis. Exercise is arguably the most accessible and cost-effective treatment and prevention measure for wide-ranging diseases and functional disabilities.
Exercise physiology programs can:

  • Target functional recovery from most sub-acute and chronic injuries or disease
  • Minimise disease or disability onset or progression
  • Reduce need for treatment including medication or invasive procedures
  • Accelerate functional recovery following orthopaedic procedures
  • Promote self-management
  • Promote reengagement into work and recreational activities
  • Reduce cost burden on the health-care system

What you can expect from Agility Rehabilitation:

  • Prompt initiation of treatment
  • Evidence-based exercise prescription
  • Outcome-based approach to treatment
  • Patient-orientated care with a focus on patient engagement and functional recovery
  • Professional, regular communication including reports, email and phone correspondence
  • Flexible treatment plans allow for individually tailored programmes
  • Accurate feedback on levels of functioning applicable to work and recreational activities
  • Open consultation with medical and other health practitioners where appropriate

If you are unsure if your patient would benefit from exercise physiology services, please see our when to refer section or contact us to discuss.
“I have referred many of my patients that require exercise rehab to Agility Rehabilitation for the past 8 years.  Jonny and his team all provide an extremely professional and reliable rehabilitation service and their results have been excellent. I highly recommend Agility Rehabilitation” – Ian Lye, Senior Physiotherapist