The biggest expense for worker’s compensation, income protection and MVA claims is wages. To reduce costs and ensure a sustainable insurance industry, injured worker recovery and return to productive work is essential. Exercise rehabilitation programs can:

  • Accelerate injured worker recovery and return to work
  • Reduce lost time/time off work
  • Reduce claim costs including:
    • Lost time payments
    • Medications
    • Prolonged vocational rehabilitation programs
    • Other treatment
By promoting self-management, exercise rehabilitation programs also reduce the need for ongoing treatment. Exercise therapy is arguably the most cost-effective treatment option in the worker’s compensation industry. Long term, reduced claim costs can trickle down to savings for policy holders, which make for satisfied, loyal customers.

What you can expect from Agility Rehabilitation:

  • Prompt initiation of treatment
  • Streamlined approval seeking process
  • Regular communication including reports, email and phone correspondence
  • Adoption of the “WorkCover Clinical Framework for the Delivery of Health Services” principles
  • Appropriate program costings individualised to claim needs

“I have worked with Jonny Christie and his Agility Rehab team for over 5 years with great success. They always provide individualised and practical exercise programs that get results, there are no “one-size-fits all” generic programs when you work with Agility. Their fast response time with new referrals, regular progress updates and honest feedback makes my job so much easier and that is why they are my preferred provider for exercise rehabilitation programs” – Sophie Dawkins, Senior Rehabilitation Consultant, Resolve Injury Management