Why exercise? First and foremost, our bodies are built to move. We have joints to bend, muscles to contract, an efficient blood pump (heart) and lungs to breathe. Movement and exercise is not only beneficial to our health, but essential for life. It is arguably the most important regulator of your body’s physiological systems.
There is of course more to it. Appropriate exercise is known to help with a range of injuries, physical conditions and mental health disorders. There is significant evidence for the use of exercise in injury recovery, chronic disease and illness, and pain management, for example. See Common Conditions for more information.
Importantly, exercise therapy aims to help you continue or return to productive work, home life and enjoy the things you love. At Agility Rehabilitation our primary focus is to help you live a happier and healthier life. This means we put you and your goals first, and in consultation with you, your Exercise Physiologist will develop a suitable, relevant and achievable exercise plan.
What you can expect from Agility Rehabilitation:

  • Empathetic, supportive and patient-focussed service
  • Expert, evidence-based advice and exercise prescription
  • Collaborative approach to goal setting and program planning
  • Consultation with your GP or other health professionals when appropriate

“All your exercise physiologists are very professional and friendly. They really do care for their patients.” – Christopher T., Pelvic and hip fracture
“I was very apprehensive as I had put on so much weight. Jonny was excellent in reassuring me and working within my capabilities” – Gerry P., Diabetes and weight loss