Case Study: Quadriceps tendon rupture - repair

Case Study: Quadriceps tendon rupture - repair teaser image
70-year-old truck driver sustained a quadriceps tendon rupture after falling awkwardly at work. Surgical repair one week later and referred for hydrotherapy 5 weeks' post op.

Initial presentation:
Patient presented for exercise rehabilitation 5 weeks' post op wearing a hinge brace locked at 0-60° flexion and ambulating on two crutches.
Significant quad and calf muscle atrophy with minimal capacity for squatting, walking and stair climbing.

Treatment provided: 6 weeks' hydrotherapy incorporating progressive weight bearing training and range of motion exercises. Gym-based exercise commenced 12 weeks' post-op incorporating quadriceps and calf strengthening, and functional weight bearing exercise. Restricted knee flexion and weight bearing protocol was appropriately implemented.

Outcome: Patient discharged from supervised exercise rehabilitation 20 weeks' post op. Knee flexion range was restored to 116°, squat depth to 90° knee flexion, and stair-climbing, walking and sit-to-stand capacity was normal on discharge. Patient was able to return to full, unrestricted work duties as a truck driver and continues to attend the gym independently.

Testimonial: "I was involved with both Jonny and Belinda and found both very helpful and very good at understanding my needs." – Lysle