So, What Exactly is an Exercise Physiologist?

So, What Exactly is an Exercise Physiologist? teaser image
Exercise physiologists are university-qualified allied health professionals who specialise in the delivery of exercise for the prevention and management of injuries and chronic diseases. Our focus of study is specifically on how both the healthy body and injured or unhealthy body responds to exercise and movement. We are scientists at heart, which means we use evidence-based research in delivery of services.

To fully understand our profession and expertise, you must think of exercise as medicine. Exercise, much like medicine, can be prescribed by most doctors and health professionals with good effect. However, often certain illness, injuries or conditions need a more targeted prescription of exercise to optimise a persons recovery and function. Much like a Pain Specialist might prescribe the optimal concoction of medication for chronic pain, an "EP" can prescribe the best dose of exercise for you and your condition. "Dosage" of exercise is not just about how long you walk for or how many reps you complete, but includes type of exercise, intensity based on different physiological measures (e.g resistance level, HR or blood pressure response), frequency, technique, routine, order, speed, time of day, location, support, loading, progression, etc. These, together with potential side-affects, risk analysis and relevant goals are ALL considered when an Exercise Physiologist prescribes you exercise.

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