Case Study: Rehab of a custodial officer

 Case Study: Rehab of a custodial officer teaser image
45-year-old male Custodial Officer referred for rehabilitation following non-specific lower back strain from restraining a detainee. Referred to Agility Rehabilitation 3 weeks’ post-injury for exercise therapy. Non-responsive to physiotherapy treatment and on regular Panadeine Forte for symptom management.
Initial presentation/assessment: Significant irritable lower back pain (rated up to “10/10” pain intensity on VAS) with moderately restricted lumbar range of motion, guarded movement patterns and poor tolerance for load-bearing activity. Patient-recorded moderate lower back disability (39% Oswestry Lower back & Disability Questionnaire) and certified for restricted work hours and duties.
Treatment provided: 3 weeks of hydrotherapy to unload and progressively reload spinal structures and musculature, reduce symptom irritability and improve tolerance for movement. Progressed to two months of gym-based exercise targeting multiplane trunk strength, spinal movement control and graduated return to high-impact, high intensity activity.
Outcome: Full recovery with resolved back pain. Minimal ongoing functional disability (4% score on Oswestry). Final functional testing included replicated rapid rise from floor, replicated detainee tackle, and 50m sprint. Return to full capacity as a Custodial Officer achieved.
Testimonial: “I’d just like to say thanks for your help and encouragement and in all honesty I feel much better and healthier than I have for years”