Case Study: Post-Operative Lumbar Rehab

Case Study: Post-Operative Lumbar Rehab teaser image
Introduction: 50-year-old Installation Technician referred for rehabilitation 5 months post L5/S1 decompression, micro-discectomy and rhizolysis.
Initial presentation/assessment: Constant numbness and pain in his left leg and foot and occasional sharp pain in his lower back (rated up to “5/10” pain intensity on VAS). Patient-recorded moderate lower back disability (34% Oswestry Lower back & Disability Questionnaire). Reasonable trunk range of motion, however guarded movement patterns and poor squat capacity. Completing light duties with a 5kg lifting restriction.
Treatment provided: 4 weeks of hydrotherapy to improve movement patterns and exercise tolerance. 6 months of gym-based strengthening exercises to build trunk strength, restore normal movement patterns and improving lifting capacity.
Outcome: Complete resolution of referred leg and foot symptoms with minimal ongoing lower back pain. Reduced lower back disability rating (26% Oswestry Lower back & Disability Questionnaire). Improved lifting capacity to 15kg.  Comfortably completing a work trial as an electrician with possibility of permanent employment. 
Testimonial: “With Belinda's expertise I have come a long way from the initial consultation to where I am now. Belinda's programme gave me the confidence to progress slowly but surely to endeavour to take on my normal daily life where possible. Without her help I am positive I would not be anywhere near the stage of ability that I am today” … “Thank you for all your help it's much appreciated as I have come a long way since the first consultation. With Belinda’s advice I can hopefully keep advancing to the best of my abilities. Basically, I would highly recommend Agility Rehabilitation from my experience. As you may understand any improvement in a person with an injury is like winning the lotto to them. I can never thank you enough for your advice and concern in my wellbeing.” - Gerry, Lower back injury