Case Study - Athlete with persisent lower back pain

Case Study - Athlete with persisent lower back pain teaser image
Introduction. 38-year-old female amateur athlete self-referred for advice on exercise for persistent lower back pain.
Initial presentation/assessment: Long history of non-specific lower back pain for most of her adult life. Pain up to 8/10 intensity exacerbated with some abdominal exercises, lifting and twisting movements, awkward bending, and stress. Currently participating in long distance running, sprint training, high intensity circuit training and stretching. Good range of motion but guarded and stiff movement patterns.
Intervention: Two sessions involving lumbar and hip mobility exercises, running and sprint technique modification, cognitive functional therapy and relaxation techniques.
Outcome: Significant reduction in lower back pain after two sessions including self-reported “pain-free” mornings. Effective management of lower back pain whilst continuing active exercise regime.