Case Study - Diabetes, obesity and hypertension

Case Study - Diabetes, obesity and hypertension  teaser image
Introduction. 63-year-old office worker recently diagnosed with T2DM. Previously physically active in younger years but minimal regular physical activity for at least 15 years. Hypertensive, controlled with medication.
Initial presentation/assessment: Weight of 123kg equalling BMI of 37.8 (Obese class 2). Normal resting heart rate and rhythm but elevated resting (164/82 mmHg) and exercising blood pressure. Reluctance for recommencing regular exercise routine.
Intervention: Five sessions of one-on-one exercise consultations over two months incorporating combination resistance and aerobic exercise. Guidance and advice provided for daily home exercises, nutrition, and goal setting.
Outcome: Discharge Weight at discharge (2 months) had reduced to 111.4kg. Resting blood pressure had reduced to 150/74 mmHg, and blood glucose levels were stable.
3 months post-discharge – Patient had lost a further 13kg and was no longer diabetic. He continued to exercise regularly and committed to long-term lifestyle changes.
Testimonial: “I’d just like to say thanks for your help and encouragement and in all honesty I feel much better and healthier than I have for years”